Daniele Cardelli is the founding president and director of the International Master School for Soul Studies and Self Philosophy.

He is training analytical philosopher, founder and president of Association of Analytical Philosophers “Noûs” and Anima e Polis Association; former professor and teaches Psychology of Form at the Universita’ degli Studi di Catania, SDS of Siracusa.

He is also a former lecturer and seminar leaders of the Jung Institute of Zurich and former professor of the Universita’ degli Studi di Firenze, where he taught on an ongoing basis and teached Psychology of Politics and Cultural Analysis of Myths in the Political Sciences Department and Analytical and Archetypal Psychology (integrated into Dynamic Psychology) in Psychology Department

He is the Founder and President of the Carl Gustav Jung Circle and James Hillman Institute and past member of the International Association of Jungian Studies (IAJS)

In 2003, he created in Florence the Scuola di Filosofia del Se’ e Analisi del Profondo “Nous”International School and Confederation for Selfphilosophy which, in 2011, became the International Master School for Soul Studies and Selfphilosophy

In 2007, he founded the International University Center for Soul Studies, which developed into the Libera Universita’ Internazionale di Studi sull’Anima (L.U.I.S.A.)

He is the Founder and Director of the Istituto di Filosofia Terapeutica e dell’Ambulatorio Filosofico – Centro per la Terapia e la Cura filosofica (Center for Philosophical Therapy and Healing)

In 2009, he created and launched the Confederazione Internazionale per la Psicoanalisi Laica (Psicoanalisi Filosofica, Psicoanalisi per l’Individuazione) which brings together Italian and international associations and schools of psychoanalysis, all sharing a common vision of psychoanalysis as a discipline predominantly philosophical (a philosophical practice in all effects – analysis is a philosophical method – as is in fact the Jungian orientation among others) focused on knowing the Self and individuation: unique, distinct and different, both in the objectives and dynamics, from psychotherapy and therefore a laical practice by nature

Cardelli’s training as Depth Analyst took place at the Associazione Maieutica e Analisi Archetipica

As Depth Analyst (Archetypal Analyst and Philosophical Analyst) he founded JHAPA – Jung Hillman Psychoanalysis Association” – “International Association of Philosophy, Psychology e Archetypal Psychoanalysis

He further developed and leads the project “ArTchetypes – Archetypes in art and architecture”, a branch of research and didactics dedicated to the study and analysis of images and figures encountered in art, built environments and landscapes

As “Soul Counselor and Professional Confidant” (which is a term coined by Cardelli himself), “Existential Counselor, specialized in spirituality and affectivity”, “Strategic Counselor and Expert in Political and Leadership Mentoring” for public administrations, institutions, organizations, companies, he developed the first “Service for Professional Individuation”

In addition, he is the Founder and Director of I Confederati”: the first Institute for Psychoanalysis of Politics, Organization for politics and culture (Laboratorio di idee), School of Politics and Admnistration (Osservatorio sulla Pubblica Amministrazione)-training on political participation

As Helvetologist, he is an expert in Swiss Studies and its diverse aspects, ranging from myths to historical events and institutional and political organization to cultural trends and, in 1997, he founded and developed Alphorn, the Center for Relations with Switzerland

Furthermore, Cardelli has been pursuing personal research in the field of studies he has identified and called Filosofia del Se’ (Self Philosophy)the discipline of “Know Thyself”, of “Knowing the Self to heal the self”, of knowing the Self as cure and answer for the personal need, entirely philosophical, of knowing oneself—and continues to develop his work of more than two decades on the relation between Analytical Psychology and Politics, particularly the archetypal and political orientation (Psychoanalysis of Politics), a field to which, by way of numerous scientific monographic pubblications and articles in specialized journals and online, as well as the creation of the editorial project “Anima e Polis”, he has given the name of Psicopolitologia

Besides being the originator of the blog “Mitonline” (dedicated to the analysis of myths as instruments for a depth interpretation of reality) and editor of the “Giornale delle idee”, in November 2013, he founded in Florence the Confederazione Italiana e Internazionale di Psicoanalisi Politica, Comunita’ di Psicopolitologia, Centro per la Consulenza, La Cura e la Terapia Politica

The new project founded by Cardelli is the think tank “Nuovo Rinascimento Culturale” (“New Cultural Renaissance”)